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The largest tobacco company in the world, Phil Morris, has created its new Heets product that seeks to make active cigarette consumers into consumers of inhalers. It is an efficient device whose main purpose is that the people, who use it, instead of directly consuming tobacco and producing smoke/ash, can produce oxygen that is not contaminated since it is steam that they consume, only.

In this sense, it can be said that heets are a better alternative than conventional cigarettes since it is much healthier and avoids the bad odors that these usually cause. What it does is apply non-concentrated heat to a mixture of tobacco leaves, extracting the content as vapor, but not allowing it to burn. However, it creates a real flavor and satisfaction for the tobacco user, so adult smokers can see in it an opportunity to start making this habit something not harmful. With this product, the revolution of the tobacco industry and a significant change in the lives of adult cigar consumers seems to be coming. Its symbol is the hummingbird: movement and transformation, for this reason, it is found in its advertisements and packaging although, antagonistically, in ancient civilizations, this animal was associated with tobacco.
It is important to note that, IQOS is not a device for people to stop smoking, but it is a way to reduce levels of consumption and, at the same time, make this habit is not harmful to the person who is exposed constantly to the smoke of the cigar. How do you do it? It reduces its harmful components, which reduces the toxicity of tobacco vapor compared to cigarette smoke. It is an alternate method to consume tobacco, which is healthier but does not mean that you will have to quit if you do not want to. While there are no definitive conclusions, laboratory samples seem to point to an improvement as to what the client is exposed to. So iqos cigarette buy is a good option, and you can see it at https://www.sparepacks.com.