What You Should Know About Carpet Cleaning

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Carpets are  mostly installed  in places where there is higher foot traffic in homes  or offices. They are more preferred in rooms where  soundproofing is needed. Some do it fo r insurance reasons, as a carpeted floor is less prone to slipping and walking  on injuries. 

For most households, carpets are installed  primarily for the abovementioned purposes. They are usually found in bedrooms and  living rooms. People  who have  lived in apartment complexes  have  encountered loud neighbors. Sometimes, you may hear  footsteps through thin ceilings and  floors that divide the units. It’s also likely to have your neighbor’s arguments  reaching your ears.   

As a homeowner, you definitely want  to be considerate enough to get your floors carpeted  to reduce  the noise. Maybe you’ve got active kids are playing everywhere and always  running around. Carpeted rooms soften the sound, decrease echo and  noise, and spare your  neighbors from hearing  any  screaming fits. They also won’t hear anything that falls  on the  floor. 

Common Misconception about Carpets 

It is a prevalent misconception that allergy and  asthma symptoms are caused by carpets. In fact, it’s the other way around. Recent studies show  that individuals working and  living in carpeted rooms had experienced  fewer instances of allergies  and  asthma compared to individuals living in households or working in offices with hardwood  floors.  

Studies also show  that in  rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting, the concentration of fine  particle concentration is lower than in rooms with bare flooring. In reality, particles like pollen, dirt,  pet dander, and dust fall to the ground, and they  are the carpet fibers  trap them. That way, they are not distributed back  into the atmosphere.  Making sure that  your  carpet is clean  is the real  key to cleaner air. 

Carpet Maintenance Tips  and Tricks  

Carpets are the same as other  parts of  your home as far as  maintenance is concerned. Preventing your carpet from getting soiled  is the best maintenance step. Identify and remove the different  sources of dirt infiltrating the carpet  fibers.  

Place floor mats in all exits and  entrances. This helps safeguard against the build-up of excessive dirt. Ask visitors  to use indoor slippers  before they walk inside your home. Some  offices also require that with their  staff or employee. They have certain office shoes worn while they work. 

Benefits of Proper Carpet Maintenance  

Most individuals hate vacuuming their carpet and they make the biggest mistake of totally neglecting the job. Using carpet sweepers is yet  another prevalent mistake. While carpet sweepers seem to work fast and simple, they are relatively  useless. They only dirt from the surface and using them frequently ruins the carpet fibers.  

Frequent vacuuming helps maintain your carpet while  avoiding  abrasion. Low-traffic regions should be vacuumed two times a week at least, with the busier  locations around three times a week. If well maintained, the quality of your  carpet is assured  and it  should last you  for 10  years at least. Vacuuming helps enhance the quality of the air indoors  while abiding with the warranty clauses of your  carpet. Getting professional carpet cleaning in Shelton would also ensure all of these. 

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